Underrated Cartoons From The Early 2000s That We Wish Were on Netflix

Have you ever scrolled through Netflix (or wherever you watch your favorite shows) and wondered, “why don’t I see my favorite childhood shows on here?” I’m with you and would love to relive my childhood through my favorite cartoons. Every TV show brought something different to the table, and while some taught us valuable lessons, others were just straight-up entertaining.

Courage the Cowardly Dog
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Here are a few of our favorites that we would love to watch again. I hope the streaming platforms get the message!

The Proud Family

This show is the epitome of Disney Channel in its prime. The Proud Family was full of unique characters to which everyone could relate. Penny Proud set an example for strong young girls and encouraged independence, originality, and just the right amount of sass. The Proud Family was the cartoon version of the family we all want to have standing up for us.

The Proud Family, Disney Channel
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Penny, along with her friends and family, stood up to bullies and loved to sing all different types of songs. This show ran for two seasons and had a movie to follow. We are so excited to see it come back in 2021 on Disney+ as The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder!

Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me – this iconic line from Kim Possible became a catchphrase for kids who loved action and mystery. By day, she was a cheerleader leading the pack amongst her classmates, and when crime called, she answered. Kim Possible was a role model to girls and boys alike, teaching her viewers how to act on their feet, solve problems, and fight bad guys in any form.

Kim Possible
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The whole show was fabulous, even the villains and sidekicks. One of the most beloved characters of the show was Rufus, the naked mole-rat, who became something of a celebrity across her community and the Disney Channel world as a whole!

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Despite being a children’s show, you did not want to be watching Courage the Cowardly Dog at home alone. Who could blame courage for being so scared of everything – I mean, he lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Courage is defined by his fear and anxiety, but he springs into action any and every time his family and friends need his help.

Courage the Cowardly Dog
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Even though this show is a classic, I recommend that courage and his family move to a place with fewer aliens and strange creatures. No one needs that kind of torture, especially not a cute little pink dog!

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