Take a Mini Journey Back in Time to the Twilight Zone

We all know the show that introduced us to the fifth dimension. Even if you never watched the show, you’ve definitely heard of it and sense just how impactful it was in TV pop culture. The show seems to have an infinite legacy that continues to this day.

Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone Logo
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Through Rod Serling’s writing and storytelling, people at home have been exposed to thought-provoking storylines for many decades. Today’s Black Mirror has episodes that many say resonate with The Twilight Zone. So take a moment and go back in time to another dimension…

There Were Six Dimensions… Almost

While they were recording the opening to the pilot episode back in 1959, Serling said there was a sixth dimension to explore. A network executive had overheard the introduction and asked Serling what happened to the fifth dimension.

Rod Serling Night Gallery -1970
Rod Serling Night Gallery -1970. Photo By Kobal/Shutterstock

Serling apparently assumed that there were already five dimensions – not four. Luckily for him, the mistake was corrected before the episode finally aired on TV sets across the country.

Viewers Sent In Ideas for Scripts

If you were an amateur writer back in the 1960s, or even just a fan of the show, you were allowed to send in a script to the show’s writers. They were willing to consider ideas for future episodes.

Twilight Zone wallpaper
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In total, roughly 14,000 scripts were sent in by viewers. Serling said he read about 500 of them. But, in the end, not none was ever made into an episode. He said that only two were any good, yet they didn’t fit the format of the show.

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