These Women Athletes Will Inspire You to Forget Your Own Limitations

Even though women have been participating in athletic exercises for centuries, gender has always been the elephant in the room when it comes to sports. But the 20th century has brought with it a different air and is consistently breaking the glass ceiling when it comes to women’s achievements in male-dominated fields.

Kellie Harrington with her gold medal from the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships Lightweight Final
Kellie Harrington with her gold medal from the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships Lightweight Final. Photo By Morgan Treacy/INPHO/Shutterstock

Here are two outstanding women who have amazed the sports industry with their dedication, passion, and competence. Their story can teach us all that women are made from much more than sugar spice and everything nice.

The Iconic Soccer Player Who Dared to Dream

Mia Hamm is an inspiration for anyone whose been told they kick like a “girl.” One of the best female soccer players of all time, Mia’s agility on the U.S. national team, has won her two world championships, two Olympic gold medals, and an induction into the World Football Hall of Fame.

Mia Hamm (USA) USA v Brazil Women's Football Final Athens Olympics 26/08/2004
Mia Hamm (USA) USA v Brazil Women’s Football Final Athens Olympics 26/08/2004. Photo By Colorsport/Shutterstock

In a male-dominated sport like soccer, Mia had to overcome quite a lot of dubious comments. She once mentioned that her coach said she ran like a girl. Her response was as intelligent as her footwork – “I told him if he ran a little faster, he could too.”

The Bold Voyager

In 2005, professional sailor Ellen Macarthur took solo traveling to a whole other level when she broke the world record for the fastest solo sail around the globe. It took her 71 days and 14 hours to cover 27,354 nautical miles.

Cowes Week, Isle of Wight, Britain – 2005, Ellen Macarthur in Front of the Yacht B and Q
Cowes Week, Isle of Wight, Britain – 2005, Ellen Macarthur in Front of the Yacht B and Q. Photo By

Months on a yacht in the open sea inspired her to launch a foundation striving to create a sustainable and circular economy. Her bravery to venture out on her own, as well as her commitment to the planet she has explored, is more than admirable.

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