Wanna Get Rich by Accident? These People Did

For most people, cashing in takes at least some work and dedication, or at least a lot of luck. For a lucky few, becoming rich was just a matter of a happy accident – being in the right place at the right time.

money bills
Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

These people below can consider themselves some of the luckier fellows in the world, and all it took was some graffiti and an exciting Christmas gift.

Take a look…

Collin Goff: $125,000

University student Collin Goff from South Carolina got an exciting Christmas gift a few years ago, making him $125,000 richer. His grandmother bought each of her grandkids scratch-off tickets for the holidays.

University student Collin Goff from South Carolina
Source: wmcactionnews5.com

Her lucky grandson turned out to be a winner. The student said he was looking to start a positive new year after undergoing a major brain surgery the year prior. But what exactly he was going to buy wasn’t decided yet. Maybe a nice present for his grandma is part of it.

Ian Lewis: $123,000

Steelworker Ian Lewis was shocked when a Banksy graffiti appeared on his garage door in Port Talbot, Wales, in 2018. The piece was named Seasons Greetings and was sold to an art dealer named John Brandler a few months later.

Ian Lewis and the Banksy graffiti behind him
Source: Facebook

The undisclosed “six-figure sum” was known to have been more than $123,000. It turns out that the higher offers were even turned down so that he could keep the piece in the town. However, it might be moved to a new street art museum in the near future.

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