Time to Search Your Basement: Childhood Toys that are Worth a Fortune

Kids these days will never know the feeling of playing outside with no worries and no cell-phones. They will never get to experience the excitement over trading Pokémon cards and keeping them in a special binder to keep them in mint condition. Instead, youngsters in this day of age are preoccupied with social media, apps, and other electronic devices. While things may seem more convenient now, there is something sentimental about old childhood toys.

old childhood toys
Photo By Andrew Hendry/Shutterstock

If you go down to the basement and look through some old stuff, you might feel like you are in some sort of time capsule. But there might be some stuff from your past that is worth a nice chunk of change now. Whether it’s the original Gameboy or vintage action figures, people are willing to pay a lot for these classic toys. Today we’re going to help you distinguish trash from treasure.

These are some old toys that are worth may more than you think.

Polly Pocket

If you’re anything like me, you loved Polly Pocket growing up! I grew up in the ‘90s, right when the Polly Pocket craze began, and I couldn’t get enough. The little one inch toys were so cute, and you could conveniently carry them around. Now, these Polly Pockets have made their way to eBay, and they are not cheap.

Polly Pocket dolls
Polly Pocket dolls. Photo By Julian Makey/Shutterstock

Back in the day, Polly Pocket costs like $10 (more or less depending on which one). They have since become a high-priced collector’s item. The Peter Pan Polly Pocket set is worth about $300, and a collection of loose Polly Pocket houses could go for $250. If you still have your childhood Polly Pocket toys, you could sell them for a nice chunk of change. Sadly, my mom threw mine out.

Pokemon Cards

Nothing screams childhood like Pokémon cards. I remember saving the first card-holder in my binder for Charizard, and when I finally got it, my little brother and all his friends were so jealous! Pokémon made a brief comeback a few years ago, but as an app called Pokémon Go. Sure, it got kids out of the house, but electronic Pokémon can’t compare to trading physical cards.

Pokemon Trading Cards
Pokemon Trading Cards. Photo By Peter Lawson/Shutterstock

Well, if you took care of those cards, you’re in luck. A complete set of the classic cards could go for hundreds of dollars. And, a single ultra-rare card could be worth well into the thousands- like the holograph Charizard. Unfortunately for me, my mother- who is the opposite of a hoarder, got rid of mine!

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