Things That are Older Than You Think

In recent years, technology has drastically advanced, and it’s hard to picture a world without iPhones. However, some of us 80s and 90s kids have faraway memories of a life where we played outside and didn’t take pictures of it for social media. But the things we thought were new-aged back then could have been ancient.

Dice are thrown in the air
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I always thought toys were a little more modern, but people stopped being interested in them when they figure out they have games on their iPad. Well, even batteries for your toys have probably been around way longer than you imagined. Some inventors must have been ahead of their time.

Here are some things that are much older than you thought.

Multifaceted Dice

Rolling the dice is a game of chance and probability and determines your fate in the game depending on the numbers they land on. As we know, before apps, people used to play board games and Dice was a classic addition, way before Monopoly.

Multifaceted Dice
Source: Pinterest

Sure, the d20 dice was popularized by the RPG Dungeons & Dragons, but it turns out dices with twenty sides have been around for quite a while. The oldest type of these dates back to the Ptolemaic period, which means it already existed somewhere between 305 BC and 30 BC.


I always thought that escalators came with modern technology, but as it turns out, they have been around since at least 1859. The first one was invented by a Harvard lawyer named Nathan Ames, who wrote poetry in his free time. His idea is a little different than how escalators are used now.

A diagram for building an escalator
Source: Wikipedia

He actually called it “Rotating Stairs,” and Ames intention was to create a device “to go up and down from one floor from one building to another, without exerting any muscular force.” So basically, it was meant for sick and elderly people, originally.

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