Snack Foods That Send Us Down Memory Lane

I wish I had unlimited access to the snacks I grew up with. Unfortunately, that’s not an option, and I’m pretty bummed about it. We’re lucky that the snack industry has grown with society, but some snacks make us nostalgic for a simpler time. There are so many snacks from childhood that need to make a comeback. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Hard candy cream without strawberry sugar and hard candy cream
Source: Amazon

Different people liked different snacks – pringles are timeless and easily accessible whenever we are heading off on a trip. What about those favorites that are delicious yet never to be seen again? Please keep reading to see what snacks we miss from the good old days!


These cookies have a sole purpose: to dunk. Dunkaroos were the perfect dessert for anyone with a taste for sweets. I mean, this treat gave us options of chocolate and vanilla frosting, which were often hard to choose between. Dunkaroos were a staple of brown bag lunches and after-school snacks. We’re not sure if there is a taste associated with the rainbow chips in the frosting, but they almost certainly made the snack ten times better by adding some fun colors!

Dunkaroos image

Lucky for us, the Dunkaroo gods have heard our prayers, and they’re making a comeback. The brand is now on Twitter, and you can even order them from their brand site!

Trix Yogurt

Sure, yogurt is healthy – but who said that healthy couldn’t be fun and colorful, too? Trix Yogurt gave us two flavors in one compact yogurt cup. When the two sides of the flavors were mixed, our yogurt cups became bright and almost too pretty to eat.

Trix Yogurt
Source: Pinterest

These days, ’90s kids have to deal with eating yogurt with fruit chunks at the bottom of the cup. What about the rest of us, who are still young at heart? Yogurt has never been the same; we would do just about anything to get these tasty treats back in our refrigerators!

Crème Savers Hard Candy

This snack was easy and reliable, and it did not take up much space. These tiny sucking candies were often found at the bottom of our mom or grandmother’s purse. While they didn’t fill our bellies, they certainly made our taste buds happy. These treats also didn’t take much work to eat – take it out of the wrapper and let your taste buds do the rest of the work for you!

Hard candy cream without strawberry sugar and hard candy cream
Source: Amazon

Crème Savers disappeared from shelves in the early 2000s without much explanation. Many tried to make something similar, but it was never quite the same. This is one of the many things delicious snacks that fall under the hashtag #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow, and we’re just happy that we didn’t miss the boat on it while they were around.

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