Childhood Memories: Foods We Miss From the ‘70s

Snacks from your childhood have a way of sending you down memory lane. Maybe it’s a surgery cereal that reminds you of Saturday mornings you spent snuggled on the couch watching cartoons. Or a certain chocolate bar you hoped to see when you opened your plastic lunchbox at school.

Swanson Fried Chicken

From snack foods and insta-meals to unusual flavored Cola, children of the ‘70s had a smorgasbord of nutritionally suspicious foods to enjoy. But let’s face it, these foods made our childhood. With their strange packaging, unique smells, and questionable flavors, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

So let’s journey to the past and revisit some of the foods we miss from the ‘70s!

Space Dust Candy

After taking the world by storm with the release of Pop Rocks, General Mills decided to ride the wave of the novelty candy trend of the ‘70s. A few years later, they released Space Dust Candy, which was basically just Pop Rocks grounded-up into a fine powder.

Space Dust Candy
Source: Pinterest

While kids loved the candy, there was just one problem: Parents were concerned that the name and powdery texture was far too similar to illegal drugs. General Mills then rebranded the candy as Cosmic Candy and sent an open letter to parents explaining that the candy was safe. The candy remained widely popular for a few years, but kids eventually lost interest, and the candy fizzled out.


In the days before ramen noodles (and various other products that helped poor college students turn a dime into dinner), the insta-meal market was limited to Lipton’s Cup-O-Noodles and Cup-O-Soup. But then Betty Crocker came out with a “New Idea!” and introduced the world to Mug-O-Lunch.

Source: Pinterest

The Mug-O-Lunch line offered Spaghetti, Macaroni and Cheese, Beef Noodle, and Chicken Noodle, all sold in packets of dried powder meant to be poured into a mug with boiling water. “Beef Noodles? My wife’s a magician!” says the happy husband from the commercials. Oh, the ‘1970s. What a wonderful time to be alive.

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