Let’s Get Back to Back to the Future… With Some Fun Facts

1985 was a year for movie fans and sci-fi lovers alike, as Michael J. Fox took us on a time travel adventure when he hopped into a tricked-out DeLorean and zoomed right back in the time. That is, with a little help from stolen plutonium. And all of it was done to ensure his future existence.

Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox
Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox. Photo By Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock

Back to the Future was a classic, and I’m assuming was and still is loved by pretty much anyone who was alive in the 80s. So, if you’re a fan, then you might like to go back in time and revisit some fun facts about the film that lives and breathes nostalgic memories.

The Script Was Rejected Over 40 Times

Back to the Future may be seen as a classic today, but the original response to the script was hardly favorable and didn’t nearly predict how big of a hit it would really become. Screenwriter Bob Gale told CNN that the script was rejected over 40 times, not by one but by every major studio.

Back To The Future - 1985, Michael J. Fox
Back To The Future – 1985, Michael J. Fox. Photo By Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock

“We’d go back when they changed management. It was always one of two things. It was ‘Well, this is time travel, and those movies don’t make any money.’ We got that a lot.” He also said they got the response of “There’s a lot of sweetness to this. It’s too nice, we want something raunchier like Porky’s. Why don’t you take it to Disney?”

Disney’s Studio Executives Thought it was Too Raunchy

Although they said they wanted some “raunchier,” ironically, it was seen by some as too raunchy. Some studios saw Back to the Future as sweet and family-friendly, perfect fit for Disney. But Disney executives thought otherwise. But after they heard “take it to Disney” enough times, Gale and director Robert Zemeckis did just that.

Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson
Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson. Photo By Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock

It was, as Gale told CNN before, Michael Eisner went in and reinvented Disney. “This was the last vestiges of the old Disney family regime. We went in to meet with an executive and he says, ‘Are you guys nuts? Are you insane? We can’t make a movie like this. You’ve got the kid and the mother in his car! It’s incest—this is Disney. It’s too dirty for us!”

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